Rajini will enter politics

It is final and fixed that legend Rajinikanth will enter politics. Rajiniknath will not join any political party and that he may float his own political party in Tamilnadu it is reported. His near and dear have confirmed that he will be coming into politics.

His daughter and son in law Dhanush have also said that Rajini will fulfill the aspirations of the people. Since last several months Rajiniknath has been doing the exercise of coming into the political arena. But there was some dilly dallying. Most of them thought that he would join BJP.

BJP said that he was welcome, but most of the fans and followers Rajini to float a new party and must come to power in Tamilnadu. It could be on August 11nth or after this that Rajini would make a entry into politics. There is a chance that the BJP might support him.



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