Rajini at the Himalayas

Before taking a plunge into active politics Rajini went to the Himalayas to meet his Guru and worship the god. Here he was seen praying to the idol with a Guru by his side.

Along with Rajini, another Star Kamal has also entered the political arena. They greeted each other and also announced that they would fight on the issues for the welfare of the public and not against each other.

Rajini said that he would for a political party and contest all the seats in the coming elections. But Kamal is yet to decide on the number of seats so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, Dinakaran also started his own party. It has to be seen who will sail with the BJP and who will align with the Congress and whom the people will vote. All these changes happened to fill the void created after Amma Jayalalithas death.

Rajini at the Himalayas



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