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Rajini against IPL in Chennai- warns centre

Rajinikanth superstar who entered into the political arena in the recent times said that it was not right to hold IPL matches in Chennai when the people are fighting for the Cauvery management board. The other superstar KamalHassan also joined the issue with Rajini and also protested for the cause.

Rajini said that if at all the matches are done, the players must be allowed to wear black badges and protest over the issue. The government must come forward with CMB that is Cauvery management board at the earliest he suggested.

Other stars like Vishal and Dhanush also joined Rajini and Kamal in protesting for the matter. Rajini said that the centre would earn the wrath of Tamilnadu people if the Cauvery issues were not resolved at earliest.

Farmers have agitated, dharnas, bunds were done in Tamilnadu for Cauvery waters in the recent times. The film stars also have shown the solidarity to the farmers and people. Now that Rajini and Kamal Hasan have entered the politics they are very active in taking up the public issues. The farmers buried themselves in the sand for the Cauvery waters. Political parties have closed down for protesting over the issue.

Now they don’t want the IPL in Chennai. They want the protest to be highlighted in the IPL also.



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