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Rajasekhar in NTR biopic

Jeevita Rajasekhar who gave a hit in the recent times did not get any movie so far.Now he is getting ready for launching his daughter. Both Jeevita and Rajasekhar had some issues and tragedies in the family and they have settled down now.

But Rajasekhar is scouting for the roles and craving to work. He is ready to portray a villain or a character artist so on and so forth. There were rumours that Rajasekhar was working with Rajamouli for Ramcharan and NTR. Earlier Rajasekhar had a tiff with Chiranjeevi and later they patched up. The movie was RRR and Rajamouli clarified that Rajasekhar was not contacted at all.

Rajasekhar in NTR biopic
The latest is that Balakrishna has suggested Rajasekhar act in NTR movie for Teja. Teja and Rajasekhar planned a movie and later they shelved it. Now Teja said that some seniors are required for the roles in the NTRs movie. Yes the NTR biopic. Rajasekhar was with senior NTR when he was dethroned and then went on a campaign across the state. But did not have any impact.

Rajasekhar was seen at the Muhurat of NTR biopic and was greeted by Balakrishna. Teja also thought that instead of busy stars, the stars who are free can give a lot of time. The movie can be completed in the stipulated time.

Music director Keeravani is also working on the movie apart from this Raghavendra Rao the senior director who has been with NTR and did a movie with NTR will give his advise and direct some portions it is reported.



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