Rajanna Sirsilla (TS) man sends 9 paise to Narendra Modi

Ridiculing the recent drop in fuel prices, a man in Rajanna Sirsilla district of Telangana headed by K Taraka Rama Rao the son of CM KCR has sent a cheque of 9 paise to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People are finding it strange that the centre was reducing the fuel price in paisa and not in rupees.

Chandu Goud’s unique protest came after petrol prices came down by 9 paise in the state.

Chandu handed over the cheque to district Collector Krishna Bhaskar during the Praja Vani programme and requested the IAS officer to ensure that the check reached the Prime Minister’s relief fund.

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The fuel price hike has hit farmers the most as they prepare for their new crop. This is because it has become difficult for them to fill adequate diesel and petrol in their tractors and other agricultural equipment.

Telangana collects about 35.2 percent VAT on petroleum products in the state which also makes prices of petrol and diesel go sky high in the state.



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