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Rajamouli Praises KCR

Rajamouli the ace director, praised the efforts of K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana for making it compulsory from first to 12th class in the state.

           Rajamouli Praises KCR

He was taking the Akkineni lifetime achievement award in a function from CM KCR and VP Venkaiah here today.
VP Venkaiah who was also in the meeting praised KCR for the second time here openly and said that it is a great gesture from KCR for making Telugu compulsory.

           Rajamouli Praises KCR

We speak English even when we do not it fully he said. One must say that you will get a Government job if you know Telugu. Baahuabli presentation was great in a folk form and it was a great commercial success Venkaih complimented.

In one week the cinema is giving a success in a number of theatres. Cinema is the cheapest form of entertainment he said. Creativity is lacking in movies he said.



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