Rajamouli miffed with Ramoji Rao

Is Rajamouli the ace director of Baahuabli miffed with Ramoji Rao the media baron and the owner of Ramoji Fil City? Film circles say this is correct. Rajamouli has started a career from the film city and is close to Ramaji Rao. But now they had some difference over the payment that the Ramoji charged for the sets of Baahuabi. Most of the Baahubali film was shot in the film city but now Rajamouli has changed his mind.


Rajamouli has started working on the sets of NTR, Cherry starrer here in Gachchibolwi. A factory was hired for about two years on lease to shoot the latest of Rajamouli where the cherry is a cop and NTR is a gangster. It would be like the films of Amitabh Bachchan and Sashi Kapoor of olden times added with new glitz and masala.

So this time Rajamouli would be in a new place and not in the RR film city. The reasons are just about the high charges it is reported. But no one knows what is the reality and as to what happened between the media baron and the ace director.
Ramoji knows Rajamouli from the student number one day and NTR is also not new to Ramoji.



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