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Raja Meeru Keka is ok

yet another movie with small budget Raja  Meeru Keka has hit the screens

Ravi(Revanth), Swetha (Lasya), Shashank(Noel) and Seenu(Hemanth) are four best friends who are happy with their respective jobs. One fine day, a person named Nagaraju(Tarak Ratna) who owns an MNC enters the scene and creates a big disturbance in the lives of these four friends.

The way director Krishna Kishore has based his story using some true incidents looks good. Anchor Lasya is impressive on screen and gives a decent performance in her limited screen presence.

Raja Meeru Keka is ok

Looks wise, Revanth is good and does okay in his role. Noel Sean is very good with his energetic performance.Tarak Ratna, who is back after a short gap is impressive in his negative role and gives a settled performance. Heroine Sarayu is good looking and suits the film well.

Posani was not utilized properly. Thirty years Prudhvi’s comedy has no proper timing or finishing.

The way director Krishna Kishore deals with the film is highly disappointing. Editing by AV Prasad is not up to the mark as many unnecessary scenes can be easily chopped off.  Raja Meeru Keka has a good point script-wise but is completely let down by some shoddy execution.

Director : Krishna Kishore

Producer : M. Raj Kumar

Music Director : Sri Charan

Starring : Taraka Ratna, Lasya,

 Rating : 2.25/5



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