Rahuls tour a classic comedy says KTR

Rahul Gandhi, touring Telangana to revive his Congress party’s fortunes in India’s youngest state, decried Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of twisting policies to suit “one family” – his own – and said there’s evidence of dynastic politics.

But KTR the son of CM and other ministers shot back saying Rahuls family was the best example for family rule and that was reason they were losing state after state in a row and that they will not get anything in TS in the near future.

Rahuls tour a classic comedy says KTR

“Classic comedy,” tweeted the Chief Minister’s son, KT Rama Rao, who is the IT minister, pointing out that the Gandhis – Rahul is No 2, his mother Sonia is Congress boss – owe their position entirely to their party’s unflinching embrace of its first family.

The congress VPs tour has been robust in contretemps. Yesterday, as he drove through the capital city of Hyderabad and the posters described him as the raja of politics unfortunate billing at a time when his leadership is being taunted by critics as based on his DNA rather than merit. On his watch, as main campaigner, the Congress has accrued skimpy results in a series of elections, with Punjab being the sole and recent exception.

In 2009, in a sudden midnight decision, the government that was then led by the Congress agreed that Telangana, one of the three regions of Andhra Pradesh, would be turned into a state.

Rahuls tour a classic comedy says KTR

The promise followed a nearly 15-year-long campaign led by KCR, as the Chief Minister is known. It was however only in 2014 that Telangana was declared the country’s 29th state.

The dithering by the Congress over whether to proceed with the move it had announced in the face of tough protests from other parts of Andhra Pradesh caused the delay. And so when the first election was held, the Congress received no props; it was KCR who was credited with bringing a state of Telangana to fruition and his party won big, pushing the Congress to a very distant second place.



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