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Rahul wants Modi to break the silence

PM Modi should break his silence over the rape incidents and increased violence in the country said Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief. Rahul explained that 19675 cases of rapes of minors have been recorded in 2016. Rahul wanted the Pm Modi to fast-track the cases and punish the guilty.

Justice for our daughters should be done and it is shameful he opined. Silence over the growing violence on women and children is unacceptable the Congress chief opined.

Rahul charged that therapists were being protected by the state. He was referring to the BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh who is the accused in the Unano rape case.

Rahul wants Modi to break the silence

The Congress leaders held a candlelight march where Priyanka and Robert Vadra were also present to express their solidarity.

The Congress questioned as to why the Prime Minister was silent over the incidents of rape and that whom is he trying to protect.

There is unrest amongst the women activists across the country and they are also organising candlelight walks against the two rapes that happened in the recent times.

Meanwhile, the BJP lawmakers in the respective states say that the police were investigating the cases and some arrests were already made. But the Congress wants PM to respond over the matter.



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