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Rahul thought it was all over

Rahul Gandhi the chief of Congress party said he thought that it was all over. He is, in fact, a commercial pilot licence holder, but at that point in time when the plane nosedived to 8000 feet, he thought it was the end for him. He thought of the Manasasarovar yatra also instantly.

But god save him and he is planning for the yatra and then he will have a 15 day holiday from politics after the Karnataka election. He was travelling to Karnataka and the plane could not land properly and people had anxious moments. As the plane landed safely it was the PM Modi who called on him first and enquired about the situation and things.
 Rahul thought it was all over The Congress leaders filed a complaint and accused that there was an intentional tampering in the plane. The autopilot failed and plane leaned on one side and the pilots landed the plane at Hubbali with great difficulty.

Rahul explained all this to the public in a meeting at Delhi and said that it was all over. The people clapped and enjoyed it. Some said thank god.

The leaders of other parties ridiculed the holidays of Rahul from time to time. He went to his nani in Italy for playing Holi and here he lost the election. Now he is going on a holiday for about 10 days after the Karnataka elections. It looks like he knows about the result.



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