Rahul loses the Rafale online poll

When people are thinking that Rahul the Congress chiefs popularity was growing, the reality is that he had lost another poll. Not that he has lost another election. The Congress has lost an online poll conducted against the Government and precisely against the defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

This poll was pertaining to the Rafale fighter Aircrafts. The Congress party under the leadership of Rahul has conducted this and wanted the netizens to suggest if the Rafale deal should be scrapped and that the Government must explain about this deal in detail.

To the utter dismay of the Congress leaders, the netizens said that there was no need for any probe in this defence deal and nothing hanky-panky against the defence Minister Nirmala Seetharaman.

Rahul loses the Rafale online poll

More than 70 percent of the netizens supported BJP – Minister Nirmala and PM Modi.

When people thought that the Popularity of Rahul was growing, now the situation is that he could not win an online poll called by the Congress party.



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