Rahul Gandhi relates scam to Shirdi Sai! Political Top Stories 

Rahul Gandhi relates scam to Shirdi Sai!

After Lord Venkateshwara  , Shirdi Sai is believed to be the powerful god. The income of Shirdi also rose like anything and people are travelling to Shirdi on par with Lord Balaji.

 Rahul Gandhi relates scam to Shirdi Sai!
If your Shirdi Sai, it is like hurting the sentiments of the majority of Hindus across the world. This is what Rahul Gandhi had done. Yes the AICC chief said that he is is a janeoudhari Bhakt and made allegations that the central Minister Piyush Goyal and his wife have done a scam and they have the blessing of Shirdi for that.

That means the central minister had done the scam with the blessing of Shirdi Sai Baba. The Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan Trust has sought an apology from Rahul Gandhi for making such baseless allegations. They demanded an apology from the Congress President. The trust slammed Rahul Gandhi and ripped him apart.

Rahul Gandhi relates scam to Shirdi Sai!Rahul Gandhi on one side is dying to get some Hindus back into the Congress fold. Now it is not the time to make comments and relate them to Sai Babai. Especially when the Karnataka elections are going on. Even in Kanchi he earned the wrath of local Swamiji and could not win his support for the election. He must think twice before making any comments on Swamijis, religious leaders and gods.

Who knows Subramanyam Swami the BJP leader might hit back at Rahul on this and about Hinduism. When people thought that Rahul has matured, he is going back again to the Pappu days.



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