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Rahul Gandhi gives F grade to Modi

Rahul Gandhi who has been on the offensive against Modi the PM in the Karnataka poll campaign gave F-Grade to the BJP government in Development. He said that the BJP has given nothing for the development in Karnataka and it deserves the F grade for the same.

Rahul Gandhi gives F grade to Modi

Both Modi and the Rahul have been tweeting against each other and they are also using Deve Gowda the JDS leader in the process. Deve Gowda said that Modi was using his name to gain sympathy from the Karnataka people. Bit Gowda was confident that they will form the Government In Karnataka. He also added that both KCR and Chandrababu are supporting him and that the Telugu people will vote for the JDS.

JDS is expecting about 40 seats in the Assembly and they have decided that they will support the party which gives them the CMs post. Siddaramaiah the CM has alleged that both the BJP and JDS were hand in glove and that JDS is the team B of the BJP here in Karnataka.

The Political temperature has risen after Modi entered the campaign arena and the tweet war has also intensified against the main rivals that the is BJP and the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi gives F grade to Modi

A slight swing this or that side will change the entire scenario for both the parties and they are doing a tightrope walk with the edge for the Congress as of now.

Modi is scheduled to complete 15 rallies in the five days and the BJP here is hopeful that he will turn the tables against the Congress and that they the BJP would scape through with a wafer-thin margin.



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