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Rahul eats Ice Cream after the campaign

After a hard-hitting campaign here in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi the AICC Chief had in ice cream here at the Richie rich centre. He said that the ice cream was good and enjoyed it and promised that he would be back soon.

The staff is also friendly here he stated.

He talked to the customers here mostly from the IT sector and enquired on the election apart from giving them selfies. He enjoyed the ice cream and also posted photos with the boys who served ice cream to him.

Earlier he stopped and had a Kulfi in a popular shop during the campaign. He also boarded the Namma Metro throwing the security to winds. He also visited a popular bookshop and eating joint where his family members Jawaharlal and Indiragandhis photos were hanged.

Modi, on the other hand, charged that the Karnataka government has turned Silicon Valley into Sin valley and Rahul shot back by saying that Modi is insulting Bangalore. The ice cream eating visit and taking photos looked as Obama was going to a joint for burgers and posting the photos when he was the President of America. The Rahul campaign style here and there reminded of the American culture.



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