Rahul blames Modi -Modi darthe hai Political Top Stories 

Rahul blames Modi -Modi darthe hai

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi today blamed the PM Modi for the cash crunch in various parts of the country. He said that it was demonetisation which spoiled the Banking system. Rahul said that NDA government disturbed the banking system and there is no cash in the ATMs.

Rahul said that he wanted 15 minutes in the parliament and that he would speak on Nirav Modi, demonetisation and other issues where Modi will not able to speak. Where is the Achche din he questioned? If I stand Modi will be afraid Rahul said. Modi has no guts to stand in the parliament he said.

 Rahul blames Modi -Modi darthe hai

People were made to stand in lines for their own money after withdrawing Rs 1000 and Rs 500 note. We will bring out the truth in Rafale deal Rahul said. Rahul questioned Modi about the assurance of 50 days. Already one and half years passed but so far nothing has happened and the cash crunch is yet to be resolved Rahul said.

FM Arun Jailtely, on the other hand, said that it is a temporary phenomenon and the cash crunch issue would be resolved at the earliest.



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