Rahul at his best against Modi

Rahul Gandhi the congress Vice President was at his best today against the PM Modi.“It is a clash between two philosophies. Congress says ‘don’t fear’, BJP says ‘fear’, ‘scare them’.”he said. He also clarified that PayTM was nothing but pay to Modi.

He was talking at the protest rally against the Government. He said “Crores of people were standing in lines, did you find any corrupt person there? The corrupt ones were at the bank’s backdoor.”

Rahul at his best against Modi
“Found Congress’ symbol in Shiv ji, Gurunanak, Buddha, Mahavir’s pictures.Asked Karan Singh ji what does it mean?He said ‘daro mat’.”Rahul narrated.

“Narendra Modi thought that if the Army conducted the surgical strikes across the border, he did the same on the poor and farmers.”The BJP is . “Chanting Lord Rama’s name, and pocketing poor people’s money is the philosophy of this ‘suit boot ki sarkar’. This is what you have to fight.”he explained.

“Ours is an intelligent country, we have ousted the British. Have sent a mission to the moon.”but the “Auto sales are at its lowest in 16 years. The auto industry is the backbone of MakeInIndia — will Modi say how the industry has failed? Demonetisation is an excuse. He has realised he can’t keep hiding behind yoga, make in India, digital India.”stated Rahul.

Rahul at his best against Modi

“Acche din are only going to come when Congress party is going to come in power in 2019. People of country are wondering when are ‘Acche din going to come’. I’ll tell them it will come when Congress comes to power again. Our friends in the media are under constraints.

They come to me and say they want to say something but can’t. 2 1/2 yrs back, Prime Minister Modi asked everything to join Swacch Bharat, the drama continued for a few days; then Make in India, Skill India.”We will remove them power Rahul said.



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