Rahul asks for 4- Shah questions for 40 years Political Top Stories 

Rahul asks for 4- Shah questions for 40 years

While Rahul Gandhi is asking for the progress of the country, Amit Shah questioned the Congress as to what they did for 40 years. Amit Shah while addressing a rally in Mumbai lashed out at the opposition saying that Cats -dogs and mongoose have come together to fight Modi. Maybe Shah assumes Modi as a Lion but did not mention that in his speech.

Ganging up of cats, dogs and mongoose implies that Modi is a Lion.

He was hinting about the so-called fronts being proposed by leaders these days to fight Modi. He also blamed the opposition for stalling the proceedings in the parliament and wasting about 250 hours of time in the house. Both Loksabha and Rajyasabha have adjourned Sine die.

Rahul asks for 4- Shah questions for 40 years

The no-confidence motion moved by YSRC and TDP also did not come in the house due to hangama of the opposition.

Shah said that Rahul Gandhi must tell the people as what the Congress has done for th last 40 years in power and they are questioning about the 4 years of the BJP Regime under Modi he stated. The quota of reservations will remain the BJP chief assured.

He said that there are 11 crore members for the BJP and it started with just 10. The BJP workers and leaders have sacrificed for the welfare of the Nation and the people he stated.

The BJP has kick-started the campaign for the next elections and they have shown their strength from Mumbai.



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