Rahul arrested- says Modi gives bullets

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was arrested by the police on Thursday under Section-151 while he was on his way to Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district to meet the families of the deceased farmers.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi neither waives off the farmers’ loans nor does he provide bonus. He just gives bullets,” Gandhi told the media.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi had tweeted, “Raj & MP Govts are doing their best to prevent me from entering MP & meeting the families of the #farmers killed in #Mandsaur.”

“What law of the land says that it is illegal to stand in solidarity with farmers who were killed simply for demanding what is their right?,” he added.


Gandhi was seen making his way to Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh on a motorcycle as tensions continued to escalate in the region over the death of farmers.

Another party leader Sachin Pilot was also seen behind him.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Bhupendra Singh has admitted that police firing was the cause of deaths of the farmers.

Singh told media, “Death of the five farmers was due to police firing. It has been established in the probe. I have said earlier that the farmers may have died in police firing. I have conceded this earlier, various channels have also ran it.”

Meanwhile, a fresh round of violence erupted in Mandsaur district after a toll plaza was vandalised. The protestors reportedly looted the toll plaza of Rs. eight to ten lakh.



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