Rahman says he tried his best

AR Rahman for the first time was not liked by audience in London. They left him half way through the concert. He is like across the world, but he has failed for the first time. Earlier this month which some of his audience left midway because he performed Tamil songs.

Rahman, currently in New York for the IIFA Awards, told that he ‘tries his best’ and is ‘nothing’ without the support he receives from his fans. On July 8, Rahman played a concert at Wembley in London titled ‘Netru, Indru, Naalai.’


Despite the predominantly Hindi setlist – from Dil Se to Jai Ho – several concert-goers complained about the Tamil numbers that were sung. On Twitter, these disgruntled ‘fans’ claimed they had left the gig midway and demanded refunds.

A R Rahman said, “We try our best. We try to be honest. I love the way how people have supported for all these years without them I’m nothing. I’m grateful to all of them.”



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