Raghavendra Rao may direct Sr -NTR movie with Balaiah

Who is better than Raghavendra Rao for the NTRs movie. If Dasari Narayna Rao was there it would have been better. But Dasari is no more.  Balaiah the son of NTR senior is looking for a good director as the movie of NTR is being planned. The script work is going on. But what about the role of Babu and what about Lakshmi Parvathi is the big question?
 Raghavendra Rao may director Sr -NTR movie with Balaiah
When Balakrishna announced an year ago that he is going to make a biopic on his father & Telugu legend Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao.  Balayya said that he is going play his father role in the film and the ground work has already started.

There were several discussions and sittings after his announcement.. there were some controversies also.  As Balayya has never spoken on the biopic later… some people expressed their doubts on the reaisation of the project.

Balayya gave clarity on the biopic in a recent interview.  He said that biopic will surely go to the sets and biopic work is going on.   He said “We are working hard on making a wonderful film on a true legend.   We will show several unknown aspects.. facets of him in the film.
 Raghavendra Rao may director Sr -NTR movie with Balaiah
I am presently shooting for ‘Paisa Vasool’ in Portugal.  I’m going to meet several people again for script work when I come back to India.   We will meet Lakshmi Narayana garu who worked as OSD under Nannagaru.. another IAS officer Jayaprakash Narayana garu who has good relationship with him.. Kommineni Venkateswara Rao  who has sound knowledge of political life & box office records of Nannagaru”.

“We need to meet family members.. relatives.. fans also.  I’m on the job of finalizing the director.  As soon as the script is ready to show the true greatness of Nannagaru.. we will go to the sets.
Raghavendra Rao may director Sr -NTR movie with Balaiah
I wanted to make a film on him.. act in it”.  Balaiah concluded. But one has to see if Laskhmi Parvathis role will be there or not. What kind of role with Chandrababu have with NTR? Will Babu be projected as a back stabber or will he be shown in a good light.



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