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Rafale keeps BJP in defence

While the PM Modi is bulldozing against Congress and Rahul, the BJP still looks as if it is in defence.

How can the BJP tell the voters that they are cracking down on corruption post the 2G verdict?  They have been in government for four years and they had promised to send Robert Vadra, who Modi used to refer to as “damaadji” will be sent, to jail within a month after coming to power. Vadra still roams free.

 Rafale keeps BJP in defence
Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi have managed to escape. BJPs own Rafale deal has caused controversy and disquiet. But then, Modi and Shah know best,” what they are doing.

If the Sonia Gandhi family and corruption are central issues as they were in 2014, the BJP strategists have another issue they have used before – communal polarisation. This, not surprisingly, actually fires up the base.

So Modi will maintain his strategic silence on gau rakshaks and hate speeches in Parliament and on the campaign trail will add an occasional jibe like the one about “kabrastans”.
 Rafale keeps BJP in defence
Take the case of Bajrang Dal founder and BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Vinay Katiyar who is courting a controversy a day asking for all Muslims to go to Pakistan and attacking the Taj Mahal.

This desperate headline hunting is to ensure that his Rajya Sabha term is renewed. Katiyar’s current term in parliament started in 2012. BJP leaders have learnt that Muslim baiting pays as Katiyar, despite his hate speeches, has attracted no censure from the party.



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