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R Narayana Murthy praises KCR

Rebel star R Narayana Murthy is in all praise for K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. Narayana Murthy is now presenting a movie called as Annadatha Sukhee Bhava. Meaning the food giver should be happy. Murthy said that the farmer who is giving us the food should be happy so that the people will be happy.

R Narayana Murthy praises KCR

He said that the movie is all about the plight and the welfare of the farming community. He complimented KC the CM for arranging the money for the crops and also for providing irrigation to the water apart from the quality distribution of power. Earlier it may be noted that Swaminathan the scientist who is the head of the Swaminathan committee also praised KCR for doing a lot of welfare to the farming community.

Murthy opined that it is the right strategy of the CM to keep the farmer and in turn, the farmer will make the people happy with his crops and agricultural produce. Murthy said that he will always strive to produce movies for the common man with village background depicting the farmer as the hero.Murthy said that he was planning to meet the CM and praise him for his efforts in bailing out the farmers in trouble by extending financial help.



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