Question the Congress says KCR?

I am fortunate to launch the works of SRSP said K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana.  I am a product of Mothe village and achieved Telangana said KCR. By next year we will fill SRSP he assured. 365 days we need not look at the sky for the rain he said.

North Telangana with Adilabad will be developed like Kashmir he stated.New brrages are coming across Godavari and no problem for irrigation he assured.The Congress has filed 96 cases on one project, and they are aainst the development KCR explained.

People must question on the cases filed by congress against the projects, suggested KCR. Nothing can stop me as long as the people support me KCR stated. The development will continue and the Congress cannot stall the development he said.



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