Quality education in Telangana said Talasani

Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav today complimented the T News and APEX for conducting the Golden education fare where all the premium colleges have come under one roof. It is good to give the information to the students at one point.

The idea of the CM Chandrasekhar Rao is to give quality education to the student community and have brought in a lot of changes he explained. The CM and the Minister for education are taking the education seriously and a lot of importance is being given by the Government he said.

Talking about the usage of a cellphone, Talasani said that it must be used properly and here it has become an addiction and the students are using it day and night he said. Parents must control the students and see that they dont get addicted to cells. We are unable to control them he said.

Parents must take care and control the students in each and every aspect he said. We must monitor them and talk to the teacher and check from the college Talasani advised. Selection of college is important and at the same time proper monitoring is also must he stated. We must take all the precautions to see that they are in the right spirit he said.

But here at the education fare we can just go to the stalls and find out everything in detail he stated. Telangana will give a lot of job opportunities he said. He complimented Santosh Kumar MD T News, Narayan Reddy the CEO and Upendra CGM for conducting the education fare. The colleges must see that the placements are done properly he suggested.



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