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Push to no-confidence motion

Chandrababu is moving to Delhi for giving a push to the no-confidence motion. He wants to unite all the like-minded parties. Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena leader has announced that he would go on a fast unto death for the special status in the second week of April. Now the YSRC has decided that the MPs will resign and then go on the hunger strike.

Now the TDP is also planning to go for the MPs resignation and Chandrababu would take the final call. The TRS which has been doing Hungama in the Parliament has now decided to support the No-confidence motion. AIADMK will also support the NCM it is learnt. But all of them would come forward at different times.

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Taking all this into account Chandrababu is all set to sit in Delhi to mobilise support. But the BJP will the trust vote and Pawan will for the fast unto death program. This will change the equations completely in Andhra Pradesh.

The BJP has the numbers, but with more number of parties going against the Government it has to be very cautious now. Chandrababu will leave no stone unturned to see that the BJP is in trouble. Both Jana Sena and YSRC will try their level best to win the hearts of the public so that they can encash it in the coming elections.

In Telangana, the CAG report has made the ruling Government sit right as to where we have gone wrong and what has to be done. Finance Minister Eetala was given a dressing down by the CM KCR. When KCR was trying to shift base to Delhi, all is not right with the State. He has set the things right here and then think about the peoples front.



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