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Puri supports RGV

Puri Jagannadh the ace director who has been giving flops like his guru RGV has come in support of the star Pawan Kalyan who has given him the break in films.

Puri opined that what RGV has done was wrong and it should not have happened. He opposed RGV in this aspect. On the other hand, the Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan has alleged that the TDP Government along with some TV channels like TV9 and ABN have conspired to defame his family and himself in person. He said that Chandrababu and Lokesh were involved along with friends and the TV people.

Puri supports RGV

Pawan Kalyan is in a meeting with the people of film chambers and would seek their opinion on taking action against RGV. It is rumoured that the TDP could have used RGV to fire from the shoulder of Srireddy and defame Pawan and Janasena in the process so that they would become weak by the time elections come.

Yesterday Allu Aravind the senior man in the family spoke against RGV and called him an intelligent crook. The people and fans are with Pawan Kalyan and RGV cant do anything he stated.

On the other hand, Srireddy has mellowed down and also apolozised to Pawan for calling him a madarchot. RGV also apolozised for instigating Srireddy against Pawan. Pawan charged that RGV took 10 crores for doing this drama against him.



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