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Puri -Nag & others deserting RGV

It looks like RGV the controversial director will be banned from Tollywood soon. His film with Nagarjuna as a police officer is said to be in trouble. There are no buyers for the film it is reported. After using Srireddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan, RGV was caught redhanded and Aravind bashed him left and right.

Now the industry walas are trying to keep him away from the Tollywood. His chela and jaan jigri Puri Jagannath is unhappy with the attitude of RGV. He is no more supporting him as he went against Pawan.

Puri -Nag & others deserting RGV

The next to desert RGV is Nagarjuna. He is not bothered if the officer is released or not as the film was produced by RGV himself. So it is RGVs headache. But the other project of RGV with Akhil is shelved. Nag unnecessarily committed with RGV for his sons future. Now the market is bad for RGV so no film with Akhil. It is cancelled.

As Aravind branded him as an intelligent crook it will be very difficult for Ramu to make a come back into the Tollywood industry.

Ther are reports that RGVs financial condition is bad. It is difficult to market officer movie now. It could be like the end of the career for RGV. The time is bad and it is very difficult to make a comeback and win the trust of people here.Or else he can try out something in the Bollywood with newcomers.



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