Protests for special status intensify

Andhra Pradesh is boiling with the agitations day in and day out with protests intensifying for the sake of Special status.

The CM of AP Chandrababu Naidu has announced that he would go on a hunger strike on his birthday for the sake of Special status. He broke the alliance with the ruling BJP and is out of the Government with his two ministers withdrawing from NDA.

A bandh is going on in AP with Vijaywada and Visakha as the main nerve centres where the RTC buses were stopped and even the Karnataka buses are also not allowed into the state. The YSRC leaders blamed that the TDP Government and the leader N Chandrababu Naidu are not sincere in their efforts. They charge that the TDP is hand in glove with the BJP from the back door. But the TDP leaders say that Modi is using Janasena and YSRC against Chandrababu and TDP.

Protests for special status intensify

There were allegations of corruption against Chandrababu and his son Lokesh, while Babu raised the issue of BJP chief Amitshahs sons corruption. On the other hand, the TRS chief K Chandrasekhar and the TRS MPs led by K Kavitha are supporting the cause of special status which was promised by the Government earlier. They support the TDP MPs in the parliament for the special status. They said that Modi must give the status to the people of AP at any cost.

Almost all the political parties are on the agitation in the state with the elections ahead. The communists have joined hands with Janasena for the next elections. It has to be seen if there would be any unity between the entire opposition.

Protests for special status intensify

The Congress is groping in the dark in AP and it may not make much of an impact in the next elections. The Minorities and Christians are grouping with the TDP as the Janasena is operating on the diktats of BJP.

It may take some time for the forces to get consolidated. It could be multi-cornered contest in the next elections with advantage TDP as the things stand now.



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