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Priyankas house in trouble

Priyanka Robert Vadra the daughter of Sonia Gandhi is building a house in Shimla. She had purchased the land along with a house from Soods of America.

But recently she has received a notice from the court that the land falls under high-security Zone and the area comes under the summer retreat are of the President of India.

Knowing this Sonia Gandhi rushed to Shimla to help Priyanka out of this situation while the work is still going on. This happened after the 84th plenary of the Congress party.

While Rahul Gandhi is busy visiting Temples for the Karnataka elections Sonia rushed to Shimla to bail her daughter out somehow or the other. Both Mother and daughter were spotted at the ongoing house construction at Shimla it is learnt.

Priyanka’s husband Robert Vadra who is already bogged down with several corruption cases has one more case in the form of house in Shimla and the land that they purchased in the high-security zone.

Sonia Gandhi still stays at the 10 Janpath and they have a church in the house. People say she is not eligible to continue in the same house.



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