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Private universities in Telangana

Minister for education kadiyam Srihari today moved the private universities bill in the Assembly. He said that this was not the first state, but other states also have done it. He said that AP also has passed this bill and there are 11 private universities in AP as of now.

The BJP and the Congress-ruled states also have private universities he explained.

He said that the private universities will have to give 25 percent of the seats to the local students and they will work as per the guidelines of the UGC. The poor students will also get the quality education he explained. There is no red carpet welcome and they will work as per our rules and regulations he informed.

Private universities in Telangana
The local education system will be protected and these private universities will add to the existing system he opined. It is to strengthen the existing system of education under the guidance of the CM KCR we want to bring in prestigious universities Kadiyam said.

The education system is being strengthened right from KG to PG in Telangana he said. The Gurukul schools are also being streamlined and developed he stated. The posts in Government universities will be filled he assured the members. At any cost, the local student’s interest will be protected and private institutions who take more fees will be taken to task he assured.

It is expected that big prestigious universities would come to Telangana and the local students need not go abroad or travel to other states for good higher education. The idea is to bring in quality universities to the state in an affordable manner with reservation to the local students.



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