Principal wants to see Priya… Cinema Top Stories 

Principal wants to see Priya…

Priya, the latest sensation on the net ,who learns music and dance , was initially selected to do a small role in the upcoming film Oru Adaar Love and the song in the film Manikya Malaraya, has turned viral in the internet world.

In the clip, Priya is seen giving a wink and smiling while flirting with a boy, and it is the mischief, innocence and simplicity in the shots that have touched the right chords with viewers.

   Principal wants to see Priya...
The Principal of Priyas college saud -Yesterday  was a holiday and I did send her a congratulatory message but did not get a reply. I can understand that she is busy.

Today I asked to find out if she has come to college, but I was told she is on leave today,” said Therattil. Therattil faintly remembers Priya from among the 2,500-odd women students in the college, as last month she had come with her parents to seek permission to shoot for the song that has made her an overnight star.

“Since attendance is strict and a must, I told them that they should see that she should not miss classes and gave her the permission to shoot.

Honestly, I never knew that she would rise to this sort of instant stardom, and I am waiting to see her,” she added.



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