Prince Mahesh wants to make a fast buck

Mahesh Babu from Tollywood one hero who would be accepted in all the languages. There is aloud a thinking among his critics and also box office analysts that instead of making a Telugu movie for Tollywood market, one can make Hindi movie with this superstar and then dub it in other languages and if needed reshoot some schemes for other languages.


The Hindi market can be 10 times bigger than the Telugu market. When one can make 100 crores with Mahesh in Telugu they can make it Rs 500 crore in a one go at the World market. A film in Hindi can be sold across the world wherever people follow the language. Coming back from Europe Holiday Mahesh was in Mumbai along with his wife Namrata Shirodkar who was a popular Model in Mumbai and has many big contacts in the entertainment industry. They had met some producers who were keen to make films with Mahesh for Bollywood.

If everything goes well Mahesh who is doing the 25th film in the Telugu industry might give a green signal for a Hindi film and it would be easily equal to 4 Telugu films and thereby he would be making a fast buck also. If it is a hit then there should be no problem for remuneration in a big way. If he becomes a partner then he would get more money.



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