Prime Minister Modi must apologise

A group of about 50 civil servants found fault with the attitude of Prime Minister Modi in not reaching out to the families of rape victims. They have written in an open letter that the Government has miserably failed in the basic duties for the public. They said that the Prime Minister should go the families of the rape victims and seek their pardon as he failed to protect them.

They opined that there is lawlessness in the society and a great amount of unrest in the society. The hate crimes should be stopped at any cost they urged the Government. The interest of the Muslims, Dalits, minorities and women must be protected with all the interest. There is a crisis for existence in the society and the Prime Minister must ensure the safety of the people in general. The response of the Government will determine if the Nation can overcome the existing crisis the retired officers stated in the letter.

Prime Minister Modi must apologise

Perhaps this was the first time that the officers wrote together warning the government and Prime Minister Modi. The UP the girl tried to commit suicide in front of the Cm Adityanaths house alleging the BJP MLA raped her and his brother tried to kill her. There is unrest in UP after that incident.

The rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl also sparked unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, and even some BJP lawmakers have also supported the family of victims in this issue. Overall there is unrest among various communities and that the PM Modi must address the situation at the earliest and defuse the crisis at the earliest possible.



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