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How to prevent hair loss

Amla is one of the best things to be used to stop hair loss. Use egg yolk and lemon juice with Amla power to make it a gravy and then apply for your hair. Rinse it after 30 minutes. It works well. This will strengthen the hair.

Onion Juice is another item which really works wonders for your hair. Just squeeze onion juice and apply it to your scalp and hair. This will prevent the hair fall. Onion juice contains a lot of sulphur and it is good for the hair.

Curry leaves or karivepaku leaves are also good for hair. make the paste of curry leaves and whisk the paste with coconut oil. Apply the same to the roots your hair and wash it after 45 minutes. This adds to the glamour of your hair and also keeps them intact an strong.

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Make the paste methi or fenugreek seeds after soaking them overnight. The add the paste to the curd or yoghurt. Mix it well and then apply it the hair and also the scalp. This also works well like a conditioner and keeps the hair strong.

These are the age-old remedies that have been coming for generations and the ingredients are direct from your kitchen.



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