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PRC in 2-3 days assures KCR -June 2 announcement

The employees have been working for 3 shifts in Irrigation department and the projects are being completed at a faster pace said KCR the CM of Telangana. In capital expenditure, TS is number one said KCR. The employees are working with all the commitment he said. Government doctors burden increased 3 folds he stated.
The land records were verified, cheques verified, passbooks distributed and it is a grand success said KCR. The Government teachers are also doing exceedingly well he opined. All states are looking at our development. Power, water, irrigation and any sector you take we are ahead and we are on the path of Bangaru Telangana he said.
We will resolve all the PRC issues. The DGP also suggested some issues and we will resolve them KCR assured. Next 2,3, days PRC appointment will be done he said. 3 member committee to resolve the issues. June 2 announcement will be done he said.
All the issues pertaining to the employees will be resolved at the earliest. General transfers will be done. Except for DSPs all other employee distribution is over. Special secretary, Ajay Mishra, Adhar Sinha will form the guidelines.
Permanent Telangana Transfer policy will also be created and implemented. Wife and husband will work in the same place with mutual consent. Promotion in 2 years service will be agreed and two DAs will be given. The Zonal system will also be looked into and it has to be approved by the  President. LTC will be given to all the employees without any restriction.
Compassionate appointments will be done with rules and regulations in 10 days he assured. Basha pundits problems will be sorted out he said. Employees health scheme will be given a policy and implemented. Promotions as per rule and no question of pyravis he said.



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