Pranab praises RSS founder

Pranab Mukherjee hailed RSS founder Hedgewar as a great son of the soil and said that he has come to pay homage and respects to him here at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur. He also wrote a message at the memorial of Hedgewar, praising him as the great son of Mother India. He has addressed about 700 RSS workers here in Nagpur. Pranab was clad in dhoti and kurta in white and a Nehru coat in black.

pranab in rss

He also walked around the office and came to know about the things along with RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat. Pranab and Bhagawat discussed about the issues going on in the country. He was invited by the RSS for a valedictory speech of their training program here. The RSS also added that there has been a tradition of inviting renowned people for the lectures.

The Congress party is still reeling under trouble as Pranab visits RSS office and praises the founder. Most of the Congress leaders were unable to digest this and Rahul is yet to respond over the matter.
Only Chidambaram openly disagreed with Pranab while Gadkari the BJP leader said that there should be no political untouchability. But Pranab said that whatever he wants to say will be said at the convention in his speech.



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