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Prakash supports media

Actor Prakash Raj who is seen in the company of KCR the Telangana CM these days is bashing Modi the PM left and right. Prakash predicted that the BJP is losing in Karnataka. Prakash clarified that he will not join in politics, but support the right party. He said that he is supporting the idea of KCR striving for the federal front in the country.

 Prakash supports media

He supported the media for highlighting the casting couch issue in the Tollywood. It is bad to ban the media they are doing the duty he opined. He is also found fault with people for victimising Srireddy. The women are in trouble they must be heard he pointed out. Find out what is the real issue and who is responsible for it he said.

Exploiting women is bad he said. The industry will not achieve by imposing restrictions on the media he opined. Media should be left free he said. Giving clarity on KCR supporting Modi from the Backdoor, Prakash said that those are the allegations and people will finally decide as to who would govern them he said. Prakash clarified that he would not join politics or contest the elections. He will support what he believes is right.



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