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Where is Prakash Raj hiding?

It looks like Prakash Raj the actor was taken lightly by the people of Karnataka. He went on making charges against the BJP,RSS and also Modi the Prime Minister. But the people just ignored him and voted for the BJP. He was rejected outright and he did not have any influence over the voters of whatsoever.

When people ignored Chiranjeevi in Telugu states and did not vote for Congress, there is nothing to ponder over that the movie glamour is different from Politics.

One must know as to what are his limits and then go around. Just an actor like Prakash Raj cannot make comments on the mighty Modi who is almost number one in popularity across the world.

Prakash toured the length and breadth of Karnataka but nothing happened to the BJP. He also failed in tackling Subrahmanyam Swamy the BJP MP on a discussion in TV channel. Finally, Swamy called Prakash an idiot who does not know what he is speaking.

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Prakash also supported the JDS along with KCR. But said that he has got nothing to do with politics and will not join any party. One must understand his stature before challenging anybody. Here Prakash is trying to challenge the Prime Minister of India. This like taking a bite of more than that you can Chew. Acting has a script in advance, but in politics and discussion you will have to face untoward incidents and that is not easy.

Prakash is a popular and a very good director, but that does not mean he can question anyone in the name of justice and pass the remarks left and right. That is not right on his part. An actor who cannot come to the sets on time is not eligible to question others about integrity so on and so forth.

He was banned from the Tollywood for some time for his indiscipline.

There are several times when other actors suffered as Prakash could not make it to the shoot on time. Let’s hope he will realise what he is and what is his level. He might be able to dictate his producers, but not the Prime Minister of the country.



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