Prakash Raj is biting more than that he can chew Cinema Top Stories 

Prakash Raj is biting more than that he can chew

Prakash Raj who was banned from Tollywood some time ago for not coming in time to shootings talks about discipline, religion so on and forth. No doubt he is a good villain, but that does not mean he can do or dictate whatever he wants.

Earlier comedian Bahmanandam also used to dictate things, but now he is being dumped by the producers and directors and doing away with the comedian role. In future, Prakash will also face the same fate if he goes on biting more than that he can really chew.

Prakash must know what is he and what capacity he has got to criticise or intervene in the things that he says is not interested in. He is not interested in politics. But why does he go around and rub the shoulders with politicians?

Prakash Raj is biting more than that he can chew

Recently he was shouted down by the fans of Mahesh and NTR when he was talking in a function at Bharat Ane Nenu at LB stadium. Raj could not stand for long on the stage and just rushed out of the stadium. He definitely has not got the stature of talking about the Prime Minister Modi. People like Amitabh don’t get involved in politics.

Now he talks about not getting roles in Hindi movies. No one would like to keep the controversy with them. They want to stay away from the controversial people. They want to work with actors and not Samaj Sudaraks. Taking this into consideration, it is better that Prakash sticks to his work strictly and then he will definitely get the work there is no doubt about it. Raj had a tiff with producer Dilraju also and later they patched up.

If not interested in politics he can just limit himself to acting. That is good for him and his work ethics.



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