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Politics and Production for Pawan

Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena leader in neck-deep politics, now he cannot wriggle out of them. Yes after calling Chandrababu and his son as corrupt he cannot go back. He has to prove the point and prove his mettle in politics.

Otherwise, he goes down in the history of politics like his brother Chiranjeevi.

With active politics and elections around the corner, he cannot act in films his first love. But he has to be in the filed and make some earning for the party and also his personal finance. He has decided to produce films. He wants to do a film with Charan. But Charan is busy with Rajamouli.

Politics and Production for Pawan

Pawan wants to take time out of politics for film production and continue with film industry also. He wants to show that his interest in films will continue. There are reports that whenever he sits with Trivikram Srinivas he has some talk about the films and also the scripts. Maybe he wants to select them for the sake of producing the films. At least one good story for the sake of Charan.

Lets hope Pawan will make a super duper hit with Charan.



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