Political temps rising in TS Political Top Stories 

Political temps rising in TS

Telangana is in discussion for various reasons. One, it is being discussed for the sops being extended by the CM K Chandrasekhar Rao to the farming community. The second thing is that the BJP is looking at TS to come to power. Secunderabad is represented by Bandaru Dattatreya and now they are looking at Hyderabad also.

There is lot of political activity in the state with the issue of MSP for Mirchi. The Congress,BJP and also the communists are trying their level best to rake up the issue against the TRS. The heat is rising above 41 degress and the political temperature is also equally high.


The BJP wants to run the show from the booth level. Amit Shah the party chief is coming on 23rd and would address a series of meetings. 30000 booths have been identified by the party and the booth level workers are being groomed for the elections.

On the other hand caste wise enumeration is also going on and the candidates will be selected on the caste lines .The Congress, though losing its base everywhere, still hasn’t learnt from its communal politics and appeasement of a few,” the Union Minister Venkaiah said. He also warned the the congress party of further deterioration.

“The Union minister also accused the TRS government of appeasing the minorities by bringing in 12 per cent reservation to Muslims. “It lacks Constitutional sanction,” he said.


“Digvijay Singh’s comments are reprehensible and irresponsible and we condemn them,” Venkaiah added. The BJP is trying to create an undercurrent in Telangana and spread to the extent possible.

All the political parties here are expecting elections in 2018, but Venkaiah has ruled out that.



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