Police complaint against Amit Shah

The APCC lodged a complaint with the Governorpet police against BJP national president Amit Shah, accusing him of cheating the people of Andhra Pradesh.

In its complaint, the APCC alleged that Amit Shah cheated Dalits in Telangana by pretending to dine with them, while the food was brought from outside.

“To get political benefits and to attract Dalits, Amit Shah acted as if he has concern for them,” the Congress leaders, led by APCC alleged.

They said that Amit Shah was spreading lies regarding bifurcation and has cheated the people of AP, and sought the BJP leader’s arrest.

Police complaint against Amit Shah

On the other hand Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao termed BJP president Amit Shah’s community lunch with dalits in Nalgonda a “big drama” and a “gimmick” and alleged that the food was prepared by someone belonging to the Reddy community at his mango orchard.

“Lunch with dalits means the food has to prepared in a Dalit colony. He should sit on the ground along with Dalits to eat. But the food that was served to him was prepared by one Manohar Reddy at his farmhouse. Amit Shah used a chair and table to eat food while Dalits were standing behind. He insulted Dalits with his act. I got feedback from local Dalits there who told how they felt humiliated and insulted by this,” KCR said.

The Chief Minister alleged that the food that was served at Peddadevulapalli for Mr Shah’s lunch with Dalits was prepared at the local Annapurna mess.

“These is enough proof to show that his community lunch with Dalits was only a gimmick and a big drama. Dalits are hurt by his behaviour,” KCR said.

KCR said the TRS government was more concerned about the welfare and development of Dalits.



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