PM Modi in trouble

Modi and BJP who thought they were the ultimate will have to face the music in the near future.

The first jolt was received by the election of Ahmed Patel to RS. Thanks to ECs decision.

Modi will face too many troubles in the coming days. He could have health issues or attack by Terrorists. He might have to wage wars against other countries according to the astrologers.

PM Modi in trouble

Modi will have differences with the two prominent chief Ministers and the same chief Ministers will also have troubles with their families.

Jagan the YSRC leaders graph will rise after his padayatra in Andhra Pradesh.

PM Modi in trouble

Babu might face trouble from junior NTR challenging him apart from Jagan it is said by the astrologers.

In this form there could be changes in the power games at the centre and also in the Telugu states according to the astrologers.



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