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PM Modi fasting against Congress

It’s time for protests and fasting. The elections are fast approaching and all the political parties want to protest on the ruling party. But the ruling party is now protesting on the attitude of the Congress and other parties in the parliament.

PM Modi and BJP chief are fasting to protest on the parties who have disrupted the proceedings in the parliament. The fasting will be on Thursday that is April 12th it is announced. It may be noted that earlier some Congress leaders and workers had a feasting of puri for breakfast and then went on a fast against the BJP.

PM will work in PMO without taking anything and Amit Shah will campaign in Karnataka with fasting.

PM Modi fasting against Congress

Leaders across the country will be fasting against the Congress and other parties and the BJP wants to expose them. The BJP wants the people to know that the Congress orchestrated the disruption in the parliament and wasted the public money.

At the same time, the BJP leaders and lawmakers have decided to stay in the Dalitwadas across the length and breadth of the country to express solidarity.



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