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PM Modi is fasting

Going on a hunger strike or fasting for the God is not new to Prime Minister Modi. Modi who was campaigning in the Telugu states earlier in 2014 survived just on Tea for the whole day.

During Navratri also he just survives on Nimbu paani so going on a fast is very easy for him Today he is in Tamilnadu to participate in a defence Expo and he was greeted by Cauvery protest with black flags. He chose to take the ariel route to reach his destination and avoided the roads.

Modi along with other MP is fasting against the partisan attitude of the Congress and other parties for stalling the proceedings of the parliament during the budget session. It is announced earlier by Modi that all the MPs of the NDA will give up their salaries that were for attending the parliament for 23 days as could not do any business in the house. That was due to the Hungama and ruckus created by the Congress leadership.

PM Modi is fasting

Modi said that this was to expose the evil designs of the Congress which was hell-bent upon disturbing the parliament so that no bills would be passed. He said that the people will teach a lesson to the Congress and that it would be wiped out from the country forever.

Earlier some Congress leaders had a breakfast in the morning and then did the fasting at Mahatma Gandhi statue. It was in the media and they were exposed. Now BJP Amit Shah will be in Karnataka for fasting and some Ministers are doing it in the respective states. The MPs are doing it in the local constituencies.



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