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Plastic cabbages in market

It seems realistic looking fake, artificial rice fruits,eggs and also vegetables are now being sold in Indian market as well.

In the video posted by, a woman was shown burning the leaves of cabbage, which she claimed were quite hard to cut unlike the real vegetables that are grown on the fields.

Plastic cabbages in market

The woman, who posted the video on her Facebook post, said she attempted a test as seen on YouTube, to find out whether it’s real or artificial cabbage. She said the cabbage leaves are not getting burned, indicating that it is proper plastic.

She said she had bought the cabbage from a renowned outlet in Delhi.

Plastic cabbages in market

So beware, the fruits and vegetables that you get from the supermarket may look so fresh and juicy, but they may not be as realistic and healthier as they appear to be. It is same with rice and eggs also. They appear realistic, they can be cooked, but they are fake and not at all good for health.



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