PK says good bye to Jagan

The honey moon between YSRCP chief Jagan and political strategist Prashant Kishore is over it is learnt. Differences have cropped and Prasahnt has left Jagan for good.

Jagan is known for his arrogant behavior. He cannot tolerate if some one sits in front of him cross legged. He could be a senior or old man.

Political strategist Prashant Kishore who commands lot of respect with PM has to face this with Jagan.

Prashant had some serious differences with YSRCP cadre and is ready to say bye bye to Jagan. Prashant is unhappy over Jagan’s ‘high handed and arrogant behaviour .


Prashant left for Delhi away from YSRCP it is reported.
While Jagan is busy with Nandyal election, Prashant Kishore left him in lurch. Several senior leaders have left Jagan because of his adamant behavior in the recent times and it continues.



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