People will decide our fate says KTR

K Taraka Rama Rao the Minister for IT said that there is no foundation course in politics and the good deeds done by the leaders will decide the future and the fate of the politicians. He was giving away the Telangana excellence to 13 officials who have done exceedingly well in the Telangana state.

No politician is permanent in this country or the world he opined. You will come for the second time or rule for the second time if only you can deliver to the peoples needs he opined. KTR complimented the officials who have contributed to the development of the state. The development is also not an overnight process he explained. The people will give some time and if you cannot deliver, then the only way to quit he said.

The Telangana Government has been all out to develop the state and also agriculture in a better way and that KCR is for the welfare of all the sections of society he stated.

All sections of the society must join hand in hand for the development of the region he said. The Government will always encourage the people and officials who are proactive and work hard he assured.



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