CSK wins IPL 2018- Its Dhoni all the way

The whole credit of getting CSK to finals goes to MS Dhoni the hanuman of the team. The team was almost on the verge of losing but somehow Dhoni, in the end, managed to get it on to the tracks.

Dhoni adds that the challenge this year was slightly different to what we faced in the past seven-eight years. The age group of the boys was definitely a concern as we had to keep them fit because of the frequency of the games.
You have to manoeuvre your resources and you have to look at the bigger picture, to make sure that when we come to the business end of the tournament, our best XI is available.

People look at Dhoni- the IPL finals

But there were rumours in circulation that the entire IPL has been fixed and that popular teams who were having good TRP ratings reached the finals and it was all preplanned.

Some others said that while most of the betting goes on one team, the other team is made to win so that the people lose money and bookies get the money. This is nothing but fixing and the people finally made to lose money he said.
There are a lot of hopes on CSK and betting is also going on CSK with Dhoni in mind. But who knows if it is changed and fixed by bookies then the other team could also win the title.



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